Wackids (France)


Hello Kitty drums, mini-keyboards with multicolored keys and a set of children’s guitars are the toys of these three eternal boys trapped in the bodies of “mean” rockers. Blowmaster, Bongostar and Speedfinger play the top hits of the rock era, giving fantastic performances for people of all ages, from 6 to 666…

This fantastic trio is completely devoted to the charms of rock ‘n’ roll as the best type of fun for all generations, and they unscrupulously use classic pieces of all rock eras, ranging from Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Queen, to Nirvana and Aerosmith. The sound of children’s instruments gives basically a completely new, witty and imaginative dimension to their covers, but these hits remain hits sung in unison and whole-heartedly. During their big world “Stadium Tour”, which started in 2015, they have already given over 400 concerts, and now they are coming to the Lower Town. Kids, mothers/fathers, rockers of all ages – get ready for a show that should not be missed!