Vanja and Saša (Novi Sad/Serbia)

Vanja and Saša


This acoustic duo created by two authentic underground musicians from Novi Sad is bringing to Gradić the echo of troubadours which warms the heart and ignites the imagination. Although it doesn’t always seem so, Vanja and Saša actually always sing about love, and love the rain, but their social engagement goes beyond the frames of “common” love poetics.

The guitar sound of Petar Dabić (Cartoon, Robotovo gnezdo, Grecki) and the voice of Boris Malinović (Treći čin, Emanuil, Voda nad vodama) are already well-known to the local fans of this sort of unconventional art, and the duo won the first prize at this year’s Takt Fest in Novi Sad, an original compositions festival. Their work can be found here: