Skijaš i Jeti (Belgrade/Serbia)

Skijaš i Jeti


The scenic effect of the performance of this supersonic duo from the artistic underground of the Serbian capital can best be described as a wild avalanche that irreversibly sweeps away everything it comes across. A polar drum and a basski – a bass guitar made from a ski – are the only tools that these two costumed virtuosos use during their suspenseful super giant slalom through funk, drum ‘n’ bass, low rock and similar genres, and more…

Jeti’s mini drum set is sufficient for an unmatched groove, while Skijaš efficiently wields his distorted basski with only two strings (à la Morphine), using the slide technique and sometimes a bow. Skijaš and Jeti (Skier and Yeti) require very undemanding conditions for their performance, only a few square meters and electricity, and in return they offer a show enriched with impromptu improvisations inspired by the ambient and the audience. Judging from everything, this fall Gradić will experience another memorable authentic street spectacle.