See It My Way

See It My Way

The duo See It My Way from Novi Sad is performing at this year’s Gradić fest!

See It My Way is an acoustic duo from Novi Sad influenced by emo revival bands with punk and hardcore ethics. Since the beginning of 2015, the duo consists of Dušan Đukić and Mihajlo Zorić, who have so far independently recorded and released an EP with 6 songs, called 111, as well as a bunch of singles on their YouTube channel, mostly accompanied by music videos.

At the beginning of 2019, they appeared on the Hardcore Novi Sad 2019 compilation as the only performer of the unplugged calibre. When it comes to live performances, they perform quite frequently, and regarding the bigger gigs, we can highlight their performance at the To Be Punk Festival, Exit, as well as their gig with the band Nothington.

In their live performances, the duo is also increasingly including accompanying elements of the electric guitar, as well as Mladen Nikolić from the band Latebloom on keyboards, for an even more dynamic, frequent and, above all, “fuller” sound.

Recently, on the new single “Lead To Gray”, you can hear how the duo sounds with elements of drums, where they are experimenting over again and expanding their sound.