Ljubičice (Pančevo/Serbia)


This electro blues band, or simply, rock ‘n’ roll band – which is how they often call themselves – is a duo with occasional additional members which successfully mixes different genres of popular music into a unique crossover that is closest to the definition of – indie pop. The brothers Petar and Vuk Stevanović are the core of the band, which is often joined by various virtuosos coming from different places, such as Belgrade, Hamburg and even a music mecca – Berkley.

Since the founding of the band, in 2011, these classically trained rockers have been doing exclusively their own music, and so far they have released three LPs, two EPs and several singles. As a demo band they have left a significant mark at every major festival in the region, from Božidarac to Banjaluka, and in the meantime they have collaborated with many musicians, such as Bill Drummond, Jarboli, Svi na pod, Sajsi MC, Ilija Ludvig, and many more. They are the authors of the soundtrack for the film “Drugi deo”, and they have also made soundtracks for several short films. They are coming to the Lower Town as a duo.