Hornsman Coyote (Belgrade/Serbia)

Hornsman Coyote

Reggae music and Rasta ideology have always felt close to the lovers of music and music-related things in this part of the world. So Hornsman Coyote is an institution that doesn’t need a special introduction. Nevertheless…

For the younger generations, it would be worth mentioning that Nemanja Kojić is one of the most consistent musicians of the local scene; since his beginnings on the scene to this day he has been devoted to the dreadlock mythology and slow, rolling rhythms of Jamaica. He is a skilled musician who plays numerous instruments and has performed and recorded music with bands like Del Arno Band and Sunshine, while releasing as much as 7 studio albums of crossover reggae and hard core with his band Eyesburn. He came somewhat closer to the original sound with the band Soulcraft, and is currently busy with preparations for his new band Remedy. He will be one of the leading stars in Gradić, and he is coming with the accompanying sound system with whom he has been performing for 11 years.