Herz (Belgrade/Serbia)


Groovy rhythms and playful guitars of the band Herz, who are following in the footsteps of the famous 80s bands from Manchester (The Smiths, Happy Mondays, etc.), represent a true refreshment on the local pop scene. Herz members, who come from Belgrade, are heading fast towards true popularity and have already made some important accomplishments.

As soon as they appeared in the public eye with several interesting singles accompanied by video works, they swiftly climbed to the top of the relevant local top-charts, Jelentop 10, Videodrom and Diskodrom. The four songs released on a maxi single for “Lampshade Media”, together with the rest of the prepared material, served as a springboard for several successful gigs at Belgrade clubs. Live performance is what attracts them the most, first and foremost because of the energy exchange with the audience, so they see Gradić Fest as the ideal next big step in their career.