Funk Shui (North Macedonia)

Funk Shui (North Macedonia)

FUNK SHUI is an eclectic collective based in North Macedonia, driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore new avenues of musical expression. Since their first album Aether, released in 2012, through R.E.M., from 2015, and the EP Impuls, from 2018, FUNK SHUI have been constantly evolving, refining their vision and their sound. Their escape from categorization can best be understood as an experience that encompasses different emotions, styles and influences.

With each new release, FUNK SHUI push the boundaries of the modern music scene, paving a unique path in redefining what it means to be a truly talented and expressive band in the region. Their exceptional work has not gone unnoticed, and the band have been invited to perform at some of the most prestigious music festivals across Europe, including Eurosonic ESNS, Mondo.NYC, MENT Ljubljana, Athens Music Week, PIN Music Conference and Liverpool Sound City.

FUNK SHUI’s achievements are numerous, but perhaps none is as significant as the success of their single “METEORI”, which was voted “Single of the Year 2020” by the regional audience of the music portal “Balkanrock”. Their latest releases, “VETER”, “NE VREME” and “MAGLA”, accompanied by fascinating videos, are just a fraction of what awaits us on their new album Nikogash Pak, released on March 31st, 2023. FUNK SHUI were nominated for the HEMI Music Awards 2021 and INES Talents, cementing their status as one of Europe’s most exciting new bands.

As FUNK SHUI look towards 2023, the band are focusing on touring and delivering unforgettable live performances. They have already toured a wide range of countries, including Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, and have done several tours in the Balkans. They have recently released their third, long-awaited album Nikogash Pak, which contains all the well-known previous singles: “Meteori”, “Veter”, “Ne Vreme”, “Krik” etc.

The excitement surrounding the highly anticipated release of their third album culminated in two consecutive sold-out shows in Skopje, a testament to the band’s growing importance and cultural influence.

With their unwavering commitment to musical excellence and innovation, FUNK SHUI is a band that will garner attention for years to come.

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