Etiketa 4 (Novi Sad/Serbia)

Etiketa 4

An independent label (etiketa – Serbian word for label) is a common institution in the world of electronic music, and it offers its stylistic expression through synchronized work of various artists – producers, DJs, live performers… The performance of Etiketa 4 crew in the Lower Town will be a true presentation of this approach to music and this way of thinking.

Etiketa 4 has chosen to promote itself and its protégés via physical-virtual postcard with a QR code for downloading content. The label is currently made up of several creative artists with the affinity towards ambient sound, which will be evident in their performance at the Street Musicians Festival. Their live act in Gradić will consist of four entwined performances: Suuba, Dako Loop Orchestra, Drimkraft and Ivan Čkonjević (Novi Sad).