Anne Marie (Subotica/Serbia)

Anne Marie

Lyric verses, mostly love related topics and eclectic music background without a defined genre orientation is what characterizes the style of this singer-songwriter from the north of Bačka. Subtle and tender, she charms with her unlimited quantity of emotions, which permeate every pore of her art.

Ananarija Tumbas is currently known as a hardworking and rewarding associate of numerous underground bands from the region, such as DSubFaces, Zli jezici and Sputnjik, with whom she has sang, played the guitar or the piano, and written songs. As a solo artist, under the name Anne Marie, she has performed with great success at Belgrade Singer-Songwriters Festival in 2017, and she has released five songs for the label “Take It or Leave It Records”. However, her potential is much greater, and Gradić Fest is a true opportunity for her to shine in all her glory.