Alt bags quartet

Alt bags quartet

Alt bags is a jazz-fusion band from Novi Sad founded in 2020. The band consists of four musicians with different backgrounds who were united by the desire to create together and explore genres less present in our region.

After connecting at music workshops and events in 2018 and 2019, they wanted to meet up and start a musical conversation. They initially played compositions by Billy Cobham, Herbie Hancock, Bob James and many other jazz, funk and fusion musicians, introducing each other to their musical and life attitudes.

After many great jam sessions they decided to start composing their own music. That is when they started rehearsing in the studio and when the band officially got its name, first ФYUЖN, and later Alt bags.

They appeared ‘in public’ for the first time at the online humanitarian concert of the Foundation “Danilo Kiš” from Subotica in December 2020. After receiving positive comments and praise, they continued to work on existing and new ideas, and in May 2021 they completed an EP album with four original compositions. This release represents the beginning of their search for their authentic expression.

Each of the compositions has its own sound and story, at first glance unrelated to the others. From soothing tones to odd rhythms, breaks and interesting harmonic solutions, to a harder sound and unusual solo parts, the music from the first album is a true indicator of the richness of musical directions along which Alt bags will continue their journey through the musical universe.

The band members are: Bojan Temunović (guitar), Igor Tasić (bass guitar), Stanislav Čeman (drums), and Aleksandar Savić (keyboards).