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The Heart of Fruškać, a Gift to Our Gradić

Citizens’ Association Fruškać will in various ways take part in this year’s program at the Street Musicians Festival, from 1st to 3rd September, at the Suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress. Nature lovers which this association gathers and the Festival will present the residence of the Suburbium with a gift – a two-meter big wooden heart, as a symbol of new life after the revitalization initiated by this event.

The wooden heart is designed to be the place where new stories will be written which will inspire our Gradić, with a space on back side for signs or massages. In partnership with Fruškać and Association Komšija, a plastic disposal container made from wire will be placed in Gradić, where the visitors of the Festival will have a chance to exchange three plastic cups for an attractive badge made by this Association. Fruškać and the Street Musicians Festival will also welcome this year to the Suburbium conceptual and site-specific artist Spencer Byles, who creates spatial sculptures exclusively out of materials found in the forest. His sculptures have the goal of enriching our Gradić, in accordance with the general tendencies of this year’s Street Musicians Festival.

The mission of Fruškać from Novi Sad is to conserve the natural and cultural heritage, awaken and raise ecological awareness, recycling and the promotion of renewable sources of energy, while their main goal, as the name suggests, is the conservation and promotion of Fruška Gora Mountain and its cultural, historic, and natural value. All the association’s activities take place via their website, simultaneously serving as an online guide through the beauty of the Fruška Gora National Park.


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