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Friends of the Street Musicians Festival: NIS


The Street Artist Festival in Novi Sad is the one of the numerous projects implemented by the local communities throughout Serbia supported by NIS,  within the framework Programme “Cooperation for Development”. The year 2009 marked the commencement of the Programme, and more than 600 projects have been supported ever since. Throughout 2014, NIS spent more than 110 million RSD for the sake of supporting 164 projects in 11 municipalities and cities.

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The funds intended for the project implementation are awarded through public competitions on an annual basis, and the selection of the projects is made by the special committee composed of representatives from NIS and local communities involved in specific project implementation. As a part of the Competition, the projects are eligible for support: Energy of Sports, Culture Without Borders, Energy of Knowledge, Environmental Protection, Social Care for Vulnerable Groups, as primary Programmes of Action.

Company NIS supports the projects and it is  guided by the idea that in today’s business environment, for the sake of the common good, it is necessary to make a bond between local communities and socially responsible companies. For the time being, NIS has signed the agreements with 11 cities and municipalities. The cities that are taking part of the Project “Cooperation for Development” include Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Pančevo, Zrenjanin, Kikinda, Novi Sad, Žitište, Kanjiža, Srbobran and Čačak.

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