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Friday at the Festival: The Awakening in Full Swing

The artistic program of the second evening at the Street Musicians Festival, on Friday 2nd September, will unravel in full swing at all 14 festival points at the Suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress. Concerts, performances, theatre plays, films and artistic installations all await the visitors of Belgrade,Štrosmajerand Lisinski Streets, Ramp Road at the entrance of Petrovaradin Fortress, at “Josif” Powder Mill, the Army playground and the Brod Theatre at the other side of the Danube.

The musical program at the biggest festival stage, at Belgrade Gate, will be opened at 20h (8 PM) by the renowned neoclassical band from Novi Sad – Frame Orchestra, while the evening will continue in the seductive rhythms of Andalusia and the performance by the Flamenco school La Sed Gitana. Two attractive local bands, the ska-oriented Deep Steady and the rock’n’roll band with its own brass section Rebel Brass, will prepare the stage for the final performance by the authentic Italian street musicians Fratelli Marelli from Bologna.

A performance not to be missed starts at 19:30h (7:30 PM), when the scene at Lisinski Street welcomes the Australian troubadour Brendan O’Reilly, as well as Señor Marküsen, who arrives to the Festival directly from park Guel in Barcelona, armed with numerous percussions and Aboriginal didgeridoos. Visitors can expect a slower change in tempo at Štrosmajer Street with performances by Aquarella Maris from Šibenik and Novi Sad’s harp player Mina Momčilović, while world music rhythms will be brought to Gradić by the best cimbalom player in the world Jenő Lisztes, the local Duo Fantastico and the guitar virtuoso Đusi Kovač.

The program at Ramp Road along the staircase to Petrovaradin Fortress will start first, already at 18:30h (6:30 PM), with the performance by the ethno-classical trio Katarina & Ljubica from Belgrade, followed by the Triangle Trio from Petrovaradin. The stars of the Festival opening, Moon Hooch, will before their concert at 22h (10 PM) hold a mini panel discussion for all the visitors who wish to listen about the details of their musical and the fine art of street playing. A remarkable treat awaits all fans of the underground culture with the performance of Harp Explosion, the bluesman from Vinkovci renowned for his collaboration on harmonica with the iconic Disciplin A Kitschme.

The highlight of the second festival evening will be the performance by Aleksandra Carić Zar with his mandolin at the floral balcony in Štrosmajer Street, with romantic sounds which will in the best possible way display the potential in reviving this beautiful, yet neglected city quarter. The film program at the open air cinema at “Josif” Powder Mill will start at 21h (9 PM), while the fans of the seventh art can watch the jewels at this year’s Cinema City Film Festival  – “Priča o stanovnicima zida”, “Boje, pravi ženski zvuk” and “Cinema komunisto”.

Performance art and alternative theatre will revive the scene at the Army playground to the right of Belgrade Gate. At this festival point the program will begin at 19:30h (7:30 PM) with modern dance by the Junebug Company from Switzerland, together with the modern circus play “Život na visokoj nozi” (Eng. Life on the High Horse), the performance “Dualizam” by Hungarian troupe Vulkåi and the theatre play “Ručni rad ili tajna jednog pisma” by the Promena Theatre from Novi Sad.

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