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The Citizens of Novi Sad Have Also Heard of the Irish Night on the Street Musicians Festival


The Irish Night, which will be held on Friday 5th September during this years Street Musicians Festival, was presented on three locations last night in Novi Sad. That was how the Street Musicians Festival and the friends of the program, Irish whiskey “Tullamore Dew”, announced a part of the program in this years event, which will take place in Novi Sad from the 4th to 6th September.

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The guests of the three favorite establishments of many Novi Sad citizens, “Cabaret”, “Gusan” and “Irish pub”, hung out that night with the representatives from the Street Musicians Festival and the famous brand “Tullamore Dew”, and at the same time found out about the interesting musical experience – Irish Night, which will be one of the attractive programs on this years gathering of street art. On all three performances, the crowd was surprised by the popular local band which nourishes traditional Irish music, Irish Stew, with the chosen tracks a combination of extraordinary sound and intimate lyrics. The visitors of the Novi Sad establishments also had a chance to try and taste the authentic Irish drink with a history of almost 200 years, along with lovely gifts in the form of a “Tullamore Dew” promotional products.

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With the promotion in Novi Sad, after Krusevac and Belgrade,  the warm up has ended for the Irish Night on the Street Musicians Festival, while on the 5th September in the Catholic courtyard, among other bands and musical genres, Irish Stew will also be one of the performers. The Irish Night will, as will all the other programs on the Street Musicians Festival, be free for the public.


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