Three Days of Fun

The 18 th Street Musicians Festival – Gradić Fest – will take place from 30 th August to 1 st September, at the already well-known venue – the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress. During the three days of the festival, Gradić will once again become an artistic quarter whose streets will be locations for music, theater and art performances, film projections and exhibitions.

In order to enable the audience to experience the authentic ambience of Gradić as fully as possible, the program will mostly take place at street locations and smaller stages, which will also enable a more direct contact between the audience and the performers.

As it was the case the previous 17 years, this year’s program will also include performances by artists from Serbia, the region, Europe, and other, more distant countries, and it will consist of music performances, art performances, ambient theatre plays, film and video projections, art installations, exhibitions, conferences and lectures. We have devoted special attention to the creation and promotion of the local selection of the program since every year the festival endeavors to discover new young local artists and present them to the audience, not only at the festival but also through the festival’s campaign and the communication with the media.

We do not create Gradić alone. For the last three years, together with numerous associates, we have been exploring, rethinking, reexamining and testing Gradić, thus creating an introduction into a new story, in which the traffic in Gradić will be closed forever and in which Gradić will become what its residents have wanted it to become for a long time – a pedestrian, artistic and tourist quarter.

After several decades of waiting, the facades in Gradić are finally being done up. With that in mind, this year’s design that will represent Gradić Fest is based on the atmosphere created by lights, colors and people, because those are the elements which will enliven Gradić. Gradić has been given colors and the festival will highlight them and bring people – the audience – there, so that we can once again, during at least those three days, take time to listen to concerts, watch theatre plays, performances and films, and spend time together on the streets of Gradić.


The Street Musicians Festival – Gradić Fest – is organized by the Art Association Inbox, with the sponsorship of the city of Novi Sad and the Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information.

During the process of conceptualization and realization of the program, the festival endeavors to use the existing infrastructure of the Lower Town as much as possible, and to include numerous local organizations, businesses and individuals in order to adapt the program to the needs of the community and actively include the residents in the project.