Porto Morto

This year’s Gradić Fest will welcome Porto Morto!

The alternative band Porto Morto from Zagreb, made up of seven members, is one of the most significant representatives of the new wave of new wave in the region. This visually recognizable band has recorded three studio albums and has sold out series of concerts.

Their latest album, Portopop, was declared one of the best regional albums in 2021 by numerous portals and critics. The album was announced by the singles “Čekam ih”, “Vrijeme za čilanje” and “Fatamorgana”, which were accompanied by superb videos, which they produced themselves. The new album also brought a new stage identity with which a new era of the band began.

Their musical expression is difficult to pin down, with critics classifying it as a mix of alt rock, progressive pop, indie rock and electronica.

The band members are: Roko Crnić (vocals, bass guitar), Hrvoje Klemenčić (keyboards, vocals), Matija Brajković (guitar), Matej Perić (drums), Marijan Uroić (percussions), Antun Aleksa (trombone, vocals) and Marin Živković (saxophone).



The regionally popular band Fantom will perform at this year’s Gradić Fest!

Fantom is an established name on the regional music scene, with Petar Wagner as the author and producer. Having spent years perfecting his skills by creating music, writing lyrics and arrangements for others, at the beginning of 2019 Wagner decided to work on his own songs. Soon after that, he created the songs which he completed in his Belgrade studio together with Luna Škopelja.

Fantom is said to be the narrator of nighttime stories that take place on dark and deserted streets, in rooms with dimmed lights, in hidden clubs of Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana or any other city to which the road lead him that night. Under the cover of the night, Fantom’s songs become a kind of machine for traveling through space and time, whose final destination is as unpredictable as he is himself.

At the end of 2021, Fantom released a collection of singles and three previously unreleased songs under the joint title Night Stories, as a kind of conclusion to his first creative period, while simultaneously working on new singles and songs for the upcoming and first “real” studio album.


Đutko i Plodovi zemlje

Tomislav Đudarić – Đutko is known to the alternative music scene as the founder of the ethno-rock band Rusti, the anti-artist called Clouie, and the former guitarist of the band Svemirko.

Last year, Đudarić started working on completely atypical songs for his first real album. He replaced distortions with clean and soft sounds, he picked up synthesizers for the first time. and going through a crisis, both of personal and musical identity, he came up with bright and catchy melodies in the vein of pop music, while also creating agro, ethno and turbo pop music in the process.

Recorded, mixed and produced in the Zagreb studio of the label “Više manje zauvijek“, the album Slušaj mala is also the first work from that workshop which was launched to the vastness of the Internet. Along with the members of Đutko’s backing band called “Plodovi Zemlje”, the album also features guests Leo Beslać (Pseća Plaža, Nemanja, Krv u stolici), Luka Šipetić (Nemanja), Mary May, Mia Reba, as well as Đutko’s former band colleagues Marin Tandara (Svemirko) and Bojan Bojkov (Svemirko).

In terms of music, Đudarić is everything he hasn’t been so far – in a good mood, relaxed, funny and, above all, authentic. The songs from his debut album Slušaj mala contain a certain dose of self-irony, a weapon with which he often successfully subdues his own demons, and this is exactly what promises him a bright musical future.



The pop band Retrospektiva was founded in 2019 in Belgrade. Their music is defined by a combination of pop melodies, modern beats and retro synth sound. Their songs are made up of authentic male vocals, funky bass and contemporary music programming.

Retrospektiva consists of: Aleksandar Stevanović, Dušan Paunković and Luka Samardžija.

At the end of 2021, they released their debut album, titled Priče sa hard disc-a, for the label Kontra. The album was created in the period from the founding of the band until the end of last year and contains eight tracks, three of which are singles: “Čujem da ljudi kažu zbogom”, “Kako da ti kažem” and “Ovo nije kraj”.



See It My Way

The duo See It My Way from Novi Sad is performing at this year’s Gradić fest!

See It My Way is an acoustic duo from Novi Sad influenced by emo revival bands with punk and hardcore ethics. Since the beginning of 2015, the duo consists of Dušan Đukić and Mihajlo Zorić, who have so far independently recorded and released an EP with 6 songs, called 111, as well as a bunch of singles on their YouTube channel, mostly accompanied by music videos.

At the beginning of 2019, they appeared on the Hardcore Novi Sad 2019 compilation as the only performer of the unplugged calibre. When it comes to live performances, they perform quite frequently, and regarding the bigger gigs, we can highlight their performance at the To Be Punk Festival, Exit, as well as their gig with the band Nothington.

In their live performances, the duo is also increasingly including accompanying elements of the electric guitar, as well as Mladen Nikolić from the band Latebloom on keyboards, for an even more dynamic, frequent and, above all, “fuller” sound.

Recently, on the new single “Lead To Gray”, you can hear how the duo sounds with elements of drums, where they are experimenting over again and expanding their sound.


Old Hat Orchestra

The Old Hat Orchestra consists of eight musicians who provide the audience with a pleasant feeling created by the natural sounds of authentic instruments and vocals.

The brass section and the combination of female and male vocals bring us original musical arrangements by international and domestic authors.

During the two decades of its existence, at numerous performances, the orchestra has walked through various music genres and eras.

Evgenija Tamnavac

Radomirka Siljanoski (Evgenija Tamnavac) is a multimedia artist.

She has participated in numerous performances: Variant – festival Dev9t Belgrade (2016, 2018), Pletisanke (Dev9t 2018), Fire performance (Bambam 2021), Hospitable Utopia (Užice, Vienna) etc.

Also in films: The last one – actress, music, director; Exit – music, scriptwriter, director, actress, The Witch’s Cut (Veštičji rez) – shown at many festivals; best director award – FESTEF /Festival of Ethnological Television Film, 2019, Kučevo.


Neke face

Neke Face is a ska/punk-rock/reggae crew from Zrenjanin. The band was founded way back in 2006.

With a large number of members, you get a musical cocktail that simply moves your hips whether you want it or not. They made their first audio recording at the KPTM studio, and the first serious demo recording was done in 2011 at the Art Academy in Belgrade.

Since they are an experienced team, they have done numerous performances, both at clubs and fetivals. They have performed at Water Fest (Novi Sad), ZROK, Ljubav&Bes, Tlo Fest. And at clubs such as KC Grad in Belgrade, Crna Kuća 13 in Novi Sad, Finale Belgrade DEMO Fest in the KST garden, etc.

The band’s music is characterized by a mixture of various genres, with an accent on ska-punk-R’n’R sound.

They strive to reach people’s brains with music and lyrics and leave a positive mark.

For them, energy is an important thing, and their frequent stage performances with a dramatic plot are just a way to amplify that energy and release it more easily.

The band members are: Dušan Kalejski – frontman / rhythm guitar, Radovan Mrkajić – saxophone, Nemanja Djatkov – bass, Dušan Bolesnikov – back vocals / harmonica / tambourine, Damir Žiškov – trombone 1, Aleksandar LS Stamenković – trombone 2 / Jew’s harp, Saša Johntra Pertić – percussions & a.k.a. sound technician, Vanja Rakić – solo guitar, Slobodan Vujnov Kvobek – drums, Andrea Poša – keyboards.


Alt bags quartet

Alt bags is a jazz-fusion band from Novi Sad founded in 2020. The band consists of four musicians with different backgrounds who were united by the desire to create together and explore genres less present in our region.

After connecting at music workshops and events in 2018 and 2019, they wanted to meet up and start a musical conversation. They initially played compositions by Billy Cobham, Herbie Hancock, Bob James and many other jazz, funk and fusion musicians, introducing each other to their musical and life attitudes.

After many great jam sessions they decided to start composing their own music. That is when they started rehearsing in the studio and when the band officially got its name, first ФYUЖN, and later Alt bags.

They appeared ‘in public’ for the first time at the online humanitarian concert of the Foundation “Danilo Kiš” from Subotica in December 2020. After receiving positive comments and praise, they continued to work on existing and new ideas, and in May 2021 they completed an EP album with four original compositions. This release represents the beginning of their search for their authentic expression.

Each of the compositions has its own sound and story, at first glance unrelated to the others. From soothing tones to odd rhythms, breaks and interesting harmonic solutions, to a harder sound and unusual solo parts, the music from the first album is a true indicator of the richness of musical directions along which Alt bags will continue their journey through the musical universe.

The band members are: Bojan Temunović (guitar), Igor Tasić (bass guitar), Stanislav Čeman (drums), and Aleksandar Savić (keyboards).


Poinciana Feels

Poinciana Feels is a band founded in 2020 in Belgrade. They play pop music with overtones of jazz, funk, r’n’b and world music, with stripped-down lyrics. Their musical concept is conceived as a mix of instrumental and vocal music with combined texts in Serbian and English. They have a good groove, good-quality sound and play beautiful and emotional music. Due to such a concept, they want to present their music both in Serbia and beyond the borders of our country. So far they have done demo recordings for all their tracks, and considering the fact that the album recording process is ongoing, they have studio recordings for 4 tracks so far. So far they have had two performances in Belgrade. They performed at the “Blues and Jazz Fest” in Bavanište.

The band members are: Max Kochetov (saxophone), Andreja Hristić (keyboards, bass and vocals), Miloš Grbatinić (drums), Nenad Tepavčević (vocals), Ana Protulipac (vocals) and Aleksa Lukić (guitar and composition).

Lena Hrvojević i Branislav Smuk

Lena Hrvojević is a second-year student at the “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” Grammar School in Novi Sad. Her first encounter with music occurred when she was attending a music kindergarten. After that, she enrolled in the Music School “Isidor Bajić”, where she played the accordion. She has been playing the guitar for a couple of years now and she composes music and lyrics for her songs. At the FAMUS Festival in 2020 in Sivac, she won first prize with her original song “I Can’t Keep Waiting”. Last year, at the same Acoustic Music Festival, she won 3rd place with her composition “Her Way”. Shortly after that, Lena and Branislav had a notable performance at the Love and Wine Festival, in the ceremonial hall of the town hall in Subotica. In 2022, at the Youth Singer-songwriter Festival in Novi Sad, she won second place with her original song “Confidence”. On that occasion, she was awarded a free recording of the song at the “Do Re Mi” Music Studio.

Branislav Smuk has been a member of the band Goodbye Bruce Lee since their foundation in 1992. He graduated from the Music School “Josip Slavenski” in Novi Sad, at the flute department. He started playing the guitar when he enrolled in secondary school. In addition to being the member of the group Zbogom Bruce Lee, he has collaborated and played with many other bands from Novi Sad. In the course of his musical career, which is still ongoing, he has successfully collaborated with the big figures of Serbian rock and roll, and has participated in almost all local festivals and festivals throughout Europe. So far, as a musician, composer or arranger, he has recorded more than 20 official releases. In addition to performing and composing, he gives guitar lessons to young talents.

Nikolić Borivoj

Nikolić Borivoj lives in Pančevo and plays improvised music that he creates on the spot, inspired by funk, jazz, Afro and soul music.

He plays various instruments (guitar, bass, electronic instruments). He has been a street musician for 6 years.

He has participated in the street musicians festivals in Prague and Kotor.


Marko and Mila

Marko and Mila are brother and sister who have been playing and singing together for most of their lives, and we will have the opportunity to hear them at Gradić Fest.

Their repertoire is mainly evergreen and pop, but also alternative music from different parts of the world: Latin American music, Cuban, Brazilian, Serbian, English, South European, etc. Also, they have written several original songs. They have both joint and solo performance experience and like to collaborate with other musicians. On their YouTube channels and Facebook pages, you can see and hear their work, which speaks for itself.


Lost Professors

Lost Professors was founded in 2010 in Sremska Mitrovica. In the beginning, the band acted as a duo, and in 2011, the band grew into a quartet.

In 2012, they participated in the seventh consecutive Jazz&Blues Festival in Sremska Mitrovica and in the Street Musicians Festival in Novi Sad, as the winning band at the festival’s competition.

After a successful concert in 2012, the band stopped playing, but reunited at the end of 2014.

They are currently active and in addition to doing club performances, they are also working on their original music.



The band Sputńik is an old-new band.

It was originally founded in 1999 in Sremska Mitrovica, but the band disbanded at the beginning of 2002 after recording only a couple of demos. Then in 2013 it experienced a new incarnation in Novi Sad. After several line-up changes the recording of the first single “The Drinkable World” started in February 2012.

This was followed by a whole series of notable singles that attracted the attention of MTV (broadcast 6 times on MTV Adria). After a long period of searching for a concert line-up, in March 2017 the band started doing concerts and very soon also performing at festivals –  invitations to the Main Stage Exit 2017 and the Fusion Stage Exit 2018 followed, as well as to the Festival 9 in Belgrade in 2017 and the Revolution Festival in Timisoara in 2018. They were the main band of the Serbian Fashion Week in October 2017.

The band (mostly) sings in English, and their first EP In Between Worlds with five songs was released in January 2016. On February 2nd 2018, their 13-track debut album A Memory of Fire was released on Take It Or Leave It Records. The daily newspaper Dnevnik from Novi Sad declared it the second best regional album of that year.

The band has an unusual lineup: although it has five members – consisting of Žikica Milošević (lead vocals), Valerija Nesterova (backing vocals), Vladimir Čudinov (guitar) and Kiril Bojko (guitar) – the band does not have drums. They play a crossover of electro-pop and indie rock that they call “electro rock”. By the end of this year, they are planning to release their second album, which is being completed.



This year’s Gradić Fest will host the band Revirgin!

It is a musical duo consisting of Karlo Križnik (guitar and vocals) and Paula Gavez (synth).

They have been playing since 2020 and are currently promoting their first album Simulations, which was released on April 15th. They draw inspiration for their music from different genres, some of which are: New Wave, Gothic Rock, Post-punk, Synth-punk, Funk, Ex-Yu… Revirgin’s music and aesthetics can be described as a combination of the retro VHS aesthetics of the 80s and 90s and avant-garde and abstract art conveyed through dance music and energetic performance.



O.K.O.T i Mitar Zorić

The band O.K.O.T. from Niš brings the spirit of street gigs to this year’s Gradić Fest.

O.K.O.T. was created as a duo in 2019 when the singer-songwriter Mitar Zorić from Niš was joined by the guitarist Tom Sawyer. The band itself has several members, but at this year’s Street Musicians Festival Zorić and Sojer will perform as the original line-up.

Their setlist consists of their original songs, with a few songs by Dylan or Waits, and their repertoire is very reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s. They focus on their original expression and new songs. They describe themselves as two “wandering and hyper-productive artists” who create a new song every two weeks, so the visitors to Gradić Fest will have the opportunity to hear a lot of their new pieces.



Banda Drvena

The Street Musicians Festival will host one more acoustic band with a humorous name, the band Banda Drvena (The Wooden Band).

The band members are mostly from Srbobran and Novi Sad, but they occasionally collaborate with friends from the surrounding towns. Their sound is based on amplified acoustic guitars, violin, double bass, tambourine, saxophone and polyphonic singing, but sometimes piano, drums, and clarinet can make their appearance too.

The band’s line-up is open and anyone who likes unconventional ways of performing well-known exYU, pop, rock, classic evergreen and tambura hits is welcome.

Their repertoire includes original interpretations and completely original songs, whose studio versions the band is currently working on.



Hot Mediterranean rhythms in the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress!

Dvatromet is a band from Belgrade with the singer Gordana Dabić and the singer and guitarist Jovan Mićković as the core members, and expanded by other musicians, percussionists, bassists and solo instrumentalists if need arises. The group was created as a result of Gordana and Jovan’s many years of friendship and musical collaboration.

Until recently, they were members of the six-member cover band Pitchwise, with which they successfully performed at various venues in Belgrade and other cities of Serbia in the period from 2018 to 2020.

Due to the hiatus in performances during the pandemic, they decided to continue their journey as a duo, whose specialty are Mediterranean songs – Latin, salsa, samba, flamenco and other Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and sometimes even Greek, French and Arabic songs.


Vanja Ilić

Vanja Ilić’s musical mosaic at this year’s Gradić Fest!

Vanja Ilić from Novi Sad says her repertoire and the time and the place of her performance is “mildly put, multicolored”.

From The Smiths to Etta James, from Darko Rundek to Vaya Con Dios. This young woman from Novi Sad has gained her music experience through street performances, then through gigs at somewhat hidden pubs, at festivals, and at the Danube promenade.

She says that it is important to share music and to accompany it with good times with other people, so everyone who plays, sings or dances is welcome at her gig!


Lepša Brena

Lepša Brena is an architectural-pop band from Novi Sad. They did their first public performance at the Street Musicians Festival in 2019 and have been active in concerts and studios since then. In 2020, they released their first mini-album, Bacači pogleda, followed by a series of singles as part of the cycle “Dom Panike”, and in October of the same year they released their debut album, Prazni gradovi plešu.

They have performed in various cities in Serbia, Croatia and Romania. After releasing several singles in 2021, they are currently working on their second album.

Their music is characterized by dance rhythms, darker atmospheres inspired by post-punk and new wave music, and a rich use of synths.

What makes Lepša Brena stand out – apart from great concerts – are their lyrics that deal with architectural themes, or are inspired by architecture, urban spaces and the relationship between the man and his environment. Attila, Višnja and Andrej are also preparing some surprises for this year’s Street Musicians Festival.



Niko Nikolić i Ništavila

Niko Nikolić is a musician from Trstenik who has been living in Belgrade for the past few years. Drugo mesto is the name of his debut album, imbued with the elements of nostalgia, loneliness and daily escapism, packed in arrangements with dominant folk guitars, soft keyboards and expressive melodies.

Pavle (Niko) Nikolić has been playing music since he was eleven years old, and since there was not much in the village where he grew up, he learned everything from everyone, from hard rock classics to folk music and ex-Yu rock. He was a member of the indie rock band Kuvade, in which he sang backing vocals and played bass and slide guitar. He created most of the songs from his first studio album with the intention of recording them for this band, but in the past two to three years, he actually reinvented all those songs, added some new ones, and completed the album Drugo mesto during 2020.

He finds inspiration in honesty, childhood, the relationship between the countryside and the city, in love, geography, heritage, as well as in the relationship between the Balkans and the rest of the world. Some of the topics in his songs are personal experiences, such as relationship break-ups, isolation and thoughts about leaving his homeland. He also likes to imagine visual atmospheres, so he often places his feelings in imaginary environments.


Uroš Đurić

Uroš Đurić is a visual artist living and working in Belgrade. He studied the History of Art and Painting, and in 1998 he obtained his masters degree at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

In the 1980s, he was part of the Belgrade punk scene as the drummer of the band Urbana gerila. Since 1989, he has been present on the art scene after starting the “Autonomist (anti)movement” with Stevan Markuš, with whom he wrote the “Manifesto of Autonomism”.

He has participated in many art endeavors, workshops, comic book publishing, and has also engaged in graphic design. For almost 20 years he worked as an independent contributor to the radio B92, and for 5 years he was a searcher in the popular quiz “Potera”.

He gained wider popularity during the 1990s with his roles in several feature films and documentaries, the most memorable of which is the role of the angel in the film “We are not angels” by Srđan Dragojević.

At this year’s Gradić Fest, he will perform as a DJ and throw a big party in Štrosmajerova Street!

KUD Ljud

KUD Ljud is an association that works in the field of theater and the related media. It was founded in 2006 in Ljubljana as an informal group made up of young creative people who, before founding the association, worked under the auspices of various associations and institutions.

They are united by their belief in “living” art in direct contact with the audience. When creating a performance, they always focus on interaction with the audience, so their performances are a kind of ritual, game and social gathering. They see themselves as creators of true theatrical “gesamtkunstwerk” (comprehensive art).

This year, they will do the performance “What we are (were)”. It is a music and dance performance that evokes gathering rituals. The inspiration for this dance is driven by hypnotic techno music. “What we are (were)” is an invitation to establish a community beyond existing language. It is an invitation for everyone present to free themselves through movement.

Stefan i Akustični gadovi

This year we will again have the pleasure to see Stefan i Akustični gadovi performing on the streets of Gradić!

This comedic singer-songwriter band, composed mostly of actors, did its first gig precisely at the Street Musicians Festival, in 2016. Through an exclusively original repertoire, they deal with everyday forgotten questions, coincidences and current issues. They look for inspiration for their songs in neglected topics which deserve attention, which they highlight with a unique artistic expression.

They call their gigs “Cabarets” because they contain a stage expression. Narrative parts between songs, constant interaction with the audience and choreography give each concert of this band a theatrical form.

The band consists of: Darko Radojević – pianist, Eldar Zubčević – guitarist, Aleksandra Lazin – cellist, Staša Blečić – saxophonist, Boris Balan – drummer, Julija Petković – percussionist, Nevena Nerandžić – vocalist, Đorđe Mitrović – rapper, and Stefan Ostojić – lead vocalist.



Zamalo Vidre

Cultivating the culture of American jam bands at Gradić Fest!

 The group Zamalo Vidre consists of Ivan Vakula – backing vocals, guitar and harmonica, Marko Bulatović – bass guitar, Luka Kunović – drums, Marko Šmitran – percussion, Slavko Stojsavljević – backing vocals, keyboard and Ljubomir Papuga – guitar and vocals.

Their current repertoire is marked by blues, funk and American psychedelia since bands like Grateful Dead, Phish and Alamn Brothers are in the center of their musical interest.


Claudio Montuori Birdman and Massimo Bizzarri – BizBuzz

Claudio Montuori Birdman and Massimo Bizzarri – BizBuzz

Claudio Montuori – Birdman, the doyen of the rich Italian street music scene, will play again at the Street Musicians Festival!

This time he is performing with blues guitarist Massimo Bizzarri from Rome in a group called BizBuz.

Straight from the streets of Rome, Birdman is bringing us an original mix of Apennine musical tradition and irresistible African rhythms. Completely original and unique in terms of sound and visuals, he likes best interacting with the audience and doing endless improvisations.

Masked in one of the recognizable bird characters or completely natural, with long and lush gray hair, Birdman leaves a deep impression on everyone who sees and hears him. Although he performs alone, he simultaneously plays a whole plethora of different musical instruments, ranging from various percussion instruments, rattles, whistles and trumpets, to one-stringed bass-box (tea chest bass), small accordion (organetto) and African kalimba.

Besides delighting and intriguing millions of tourists visiting Rome and the Vatican for years on the banks of the river Tiber, he is a passionate fighter for the rights of street musicians and entertainers, as well as for the institutionalization of street art.



The band Bandakadabra, founded in Turin, do energetic performances that have allowed them to travel throughout Europe, attract attention and gain a large number of fans.

An appropriate definition for a group that makes the city its ideal background, and the street not only a scenario in which to perform, but also a place from which inspiration is drawn. The surreal “pocket orchestra” is capable of facing any musical language with a huge charge of energy. They have performed at many festivals, such as Paléo Festival, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Durham Brass Festival, Špancir Fest, and many more.

In just a few years, the band performed at over 400 events, ranging from theater to music events such as street festivals, establishing themselves as a unique phenomenon in their genre.

The band has recorded two albums: Etnomology I and Etnomology II, which have been played on radio stations all over Europe and the world, on Battiti, Radio Rai Tre (Italy), RTS (Serbia), Splinter & Candy N.Y (USA), welbeat.net (Germany) etc.



The Italian multi-instrumentalist Porcapizza (Massimo Tortella) plays several instruments that he makes himself out of recycled materials such as: a tennis racket, an old typewriter, a telephone and others.

His performances are a combination of music, art and entertainment. With an ingenious and witty approach to the audience, he takes you on a musical journey: spontaneous improvised tracks, original material, a good dose of talent and a burning passion for music.

During the last 10 years, this artist’s performance has always been fully designed and constantly upgraded by Massimo himself.

Massimo plays electric, classical and bass guitar, drums/percussions and harmonica. His work experience ranges from professional workshops in and out of the educational system with children of all ages to playing hundreds of gigs in several bands (blues, folk, rock, indie, punk hardcore, metal).



Ziggy McNeill

Ziggy McNeill is an energetic and passionate musician who uses the loop pedal to create a unique sound that includes virtuosic guitar solos, percussion sounds and vocals. His contemporary sound is a mix of styles, influenced by Tommy Emmanuel’s guitar sound.

As a street performer, Ziggy knows how to approach and win the audience. He built his name as a solo musician in his native Australia. In 2015, he released his first EP It’s About Time and won numerous talent competitions in Sydney, including The Hills Got Talent (NSW) and Busking by the Beach (NSW).

The following year, he released his first studio album, Timeless, on which he collaborated with the Australian singer Ella Freestone on the tracks “Du und Ich” and “Here We Are”.

Since that period, Ziggy has been regularly doing European tours, during which he has played in Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Luxembourg, etc.

In 2018, after returning from European tours to Australia, he released his first live album.

Next year, in 2019, as a part of the Loose Change Tour, he played again throughout Europe and promoted his new album called Live This Time.



The Italian artist GALiRò on the cobblestones of Gradić!

Lorenzo Gianmario Galli is a professional street and stage performer. At the age of 27, he decided to be a professional performer when he started attending three-year intensive classes in Physical Theater based on the Lecoq method at the Philip Radice’s school, which he attended from 2007 to 2010. In addition to this course, over the years he has attended many workshops on various topics, ranging from clowning to commedia dell’arte, voice training to dramaturgy, and from puppetry to music.

Since 2010, he has been searching for his personal expressive language, focusing primarily on street acts rather than indoor theaters. During more than ten years of experience, as the eccentric one-man-band GALiRò, he has participated in hundreds of events, both outdoors and indoors, in Europe, Asia and America. In addition to this show, he has collaborated (and still does) with several international street theater, variety theater and puppetry theater companies.

POOM-CHA is an interactive all-live musical comedy. It’s an energetic musical game, funny, whimsical,  spirited, cool, eccentric, unchained, full of colours, charming, original and much more according to reviews from around 30 countries in the world.

In 2021, he started the “Oriphoea” project by making a short film that was awarded at the “Animati in video” competition at the Arrivano Dal Mare Festival in Ravenna. The subsequent parts of the project are currently in production..

He has lived in Spain, South Korea, Germany, and since 2016 he has been based in his native Turin.


Transe Express

Since 1982, the Transe Express theater company has performed dozens of performances on all meridians. In an unconventional street environment, drawing the audience into the creation of art, they transform the city into a big stage. In the street spectacle, they combine visual art, dance, acrobatics, music, acting, fire.

40 years ago, choreographer Bridget Burdin and visual artist Gilles Rode founded the theater to create a new aesthetic of high-altitude art.

Today, that theater employs 150 artists and has performed in 72 countries on all five continents. They participated in the opening of the Olympic Games in 1992, the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, the 375th birthday of Montreal, as well as the opening of the two capitals of culture in Matera and Procida.

The Gradić Fest audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the parade at the very opening of the festival.



Band RoY was created as a reflex to the planetary civilizational phenomenon of abandonment and marginalization of art and creativity in general. This young band finds its aesthetics and ideological and philosophical tenacity in the music of the late 1960s and 1970s. They achieve their unique musical stage expression through original work and creativity as a neo-hippie band. They performed at the Velikogradištanska gitarriada, Nishville, Terra art music festival, 4 independent all-night concerts on big stages, motorcycle meetings, club gigs. Their original expression can be summed up under the quality of rock’n’roll, but nuanced through flirting with genres such as: blues, blue grass, soul, funk, and recently by introducing traditional instruments (bagpipes) and with Renaissance and medieval music through the prism strong distorted rock sound.

Band members: Vid Vašalić, guitar, drums, percussion, vocals Stefan Polić, bass Andrijana Zobenica, vocals, percussion Milan Vašalić, drums, bagpipes

DJ Filip Grujić

Filip was born in 1995 in Novi Sad and is currently a graduate student at the Faculty of Law. He decided to try himself as a DJ three years ago, because, as he says, he was disappointed with the selection of music played by DJs in Novi Sad and wanted to bring the audience closer to the sets of songs he likes and which he himself would like to hear in a party.

He performed at the Exit festival in 2018, which he considers his best set so far, as well as in several already well-known venues, to anyone who follows DJ events such as: KC Lab, Borisov atelier, Pascal, Puberaj, etc.

This year’s Festival of Street Musicians will be counted among these locations!

The Kitnikez

Another acoustic boost at Gradić Fest! Duo Kitnikez was founded in the fall of 2013 by Dunja Dorčić – vocalist and Bogdan Spasić – guitar and vocalist.

They decided to offer people a nice repertoire composed of carefully selected songs, old stuff, but also new hits in their acoustic performance.

Everyone who likes the Beatles, the Stones, Josip, Alanis Morissette, Dusty Springfield, Marvin Gaye, but also more modern things of a similar sensibility, will have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the Kitnikez band.


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