New Festival concept for 2016

This year’s, 16th Street Musicians Festival will be held from 1st to 4th September, and its most important feature will be the relocation from the old center of Novi Sad to the new location, in the Suburbium (Lower town) of the Petrovaradin Fortress. Suburbium is the old part of Petrovaradin, beneath the Fortress itself. A baroque town with the spirit, and ambience that still preserves, nurtures, and resonates the times when it was created – early 18th century. Precisely the selected venues of the Suburbium, and Powder-mill, will be the starting, and hallmark points on which the festival will be built. Cozy, closely-knit houses, and narrow streets with their broad cobbles, the Old Joseph Powder-mill, and Belgrade Gate will be the scene, and backdrop to this year’s festival, while the performers, and audience will become active participants not just of the event itself, but of the specific social changes, which the festival will be a part of.

With this year’s relocation, the Street Musicians Festival will provide a chance for everyone (artists, visitors, local population, and the entire City), to actively participate in creating a new artistic, urban setting. A setting which we all want, and, despite everything – one we all need. Let’s build a new Festival together, and become part of an attractive story that will open a series of new possibilities for the future of our urban community!